We hate fakes & forgeries. Our mission is to protect the hobby and museums from high quality reproductions being sold as originals.


We would rather loose money on a fake item than to sell it as original. Some dealers out there will create a story to trick you into a false sense of security. We hate stories.

Our Guarantee

All our purchases include a 30 day returns guarantee if you think it is not quite right. We like information for this part. It will help eliminate fakes from the market in the future.

Report Form

Found a fake we believe is original? Please submit the form to the right and we will look into it. If deemed fake, we will remove the item from sale within 24 hours.

We ask for as much information as possible. We won’t act on reports with no reasoning as this does not prove anything.

Please note that any item we remove cannot be purchased after the report as this opens the scheme to scammers.

We are rebuilding our report form. Please email us manually for now at: info@jungvolk.co.uk