Due to the nature of our company, we often sell, buy or trade in highly sensitive and historical items from the Third Reich period. This page sets to outline our policy towards Nazi ideology and views.

  1. JungvolkTrading does not support, condone or represent the views of any neo-Nazi groups, hate groups, or political parties.
  2. We do not sell items from the Holocaust or other war crimes, all our items have been used by soldiers, party members or otherwise, and not crimes against humanity.
  3. Nazi items are highly collectable, valuable and historically important, we do not condone groups who pressure museums, auctioneers and others into destroying, hiding or banning Nazi items.
  4. We comply with full UK law on the display and use of Nazi symbols.
  5. We do not fall under German or other EU laws on Nazi symbols as we are UK based. The swastika and other Nazi symbols are not censored on this website.