We are now sending Internationally again! Please check our important notice here for EU and International buyers: Click here To View

EU & International Sales

As of January 2021, some EU packages may be liable for VAT/Import tax in your country. We are a UK based company, and therefore not an EU country anymore. For more information on this please visit the EU help page here: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/individuals/buying-goods-services-online-personal-use/buying-goods/buying-goods-online-coming-from-a-noneu-union-country_en

We would like to pay your tax. But, we just can’t. Unlike Amazon, eBay and the likes, we don’t make insane profits to be able to pay this for you. We know it sucks. And trust me, I’ve been hit with it too. But we simply cannot do anything about it.

For the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, please refer to your nations relevant government pages on import duty. This is the same as it has been for years generally and as with most companies, Jungvolk Militaria is not liable for any additional costs you as the buyer may incur. In an ideal world, there wouldn’t be any additional payments, and we wish we could do more, but if we paid your tax, we wouldn’t make any profit!

Now, someone out there is bound to say “But I have bought £500 medals from the UK before and never paid anything?!” Yes, you may well have done. But I’d bet money the seller fiddled the customs forms and took a huge risk in doing so. What if they got seized by customs? What if you never received them? What if the seller then couldn’t claim that £500 back. You’d both have lost a serious amount of cash! So, no, we won’t fiddle customs forms. If we can send to you 0% VAT, then we will try to do so where we can. But this is not a guarantee. Long story short, I won’t be offended if you’d rather buy from somewhere else, but if you do buy from us, we will try our best to make it 0%, but I cannot and will not promise this and if you incur any charges, then that is on you as the buyer. It is a Government issue for your country.

I don’t run my company to make minus figures, and I’m not a charity for rich militaria collectors. Sorry!



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