About Us

We preserve miliaria collectibles.

Here at Jungvolk Militaria, we deal in 2nd World War and 1st World War military antiques, From swords to medical tins, we sell a wide variety of historically significant items for collectors, historians and the TV/Film industry.

Unlike some dealers, Jungvolk Militaria does things differently. We are not in the business of selling fakes or fantasy items often advertised as genuine by other dealers.

We cannot know everything though, so if you spot something off, please let us know. We take fakes seriously, so we will actively remove and store known fakes to help build a database that shall assist with collectors soon. 

Coming Soon

Operation Clawhammer

Operation Clawhammer, named after a planned British Commandos raid in 1942, will target fakes, restricted information and withheld pricing in the militaria collecting scene.

We are more than just dealers - we want to better our hobby and eliminate those who harm it. 

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